Back at it 3/3 – 3/5 2023

Sometimes you may notice a lull in trip reports. We still do a lot of traveling but not always with the camper. Although overall we travel with our camper a lot more than other types of trips. Since our last camper outing, we traveled to Branson Missouri. We took a flight out there and stayed for a week. It was a great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. However, it is not the same kind of trips as they are with our camper. So yes, we are “Back at it” now.

Our outing for this trip changed a bit on a distention. I wanted to disperse camp along Banks Lake in Washington but wet weather had me a little concerned about soft stuck in the dirt kind of surfaces there. So we decided to go to Crescent Bar campground, owned by Grant County PUD. It is along the Columbia River and about an hour south of Wenatchee Washington.

We have stayed there before, 5 years ago and in fact almost to the day 5 years ago. Guess Our thinking of where to go matched up the same time of year for there.

We arrived at dark, we do not “spring ahead” and hour until the following weekend. So much darkness, yuck. We got parked and set a couple things up. A light dinner and then cocktails were enjoyed by Joanne and I.

The next morning our views could be seen when that big bright thing in the sky came around chasing that darkness away.

The Columbia behind our sight.
Cliffs to the east of us.
Looking out our dinette window.
No one around.

We had the campground to ourselves with the exception of the Camp Host. Although we never saw them either. It was terrible to have all the space to just us. Basically, we were still disperse camping, we just had power and sewer hookups, with bathrooms and showers. The water at the sites were still shut off for the season. All that for a whole $25.00 per night. Rates go higher during the normal camping season of course.

On Saturday after our breakfast we set out to do some geocaching. Slowly making our way to Wenatchee for a visit there.

A tunnel we were brought to for a geocache.
The camper at the end of the tunnel.

We did not drive through the tunnel with the camper, it looked too small for us to go through. We parked and walked through the short tunnel. Train tracks go over the tunnel. It actually is a big Horeshoe curve for the tracks. We missed seeing a train go on it before our arrival there. We then continued on, stopping to look for geocaches.

Driving a steep single track that took us to the river.
Rock Island Dam view from a geocache spot.
Rock Island Dam view from HWY 28

We found a couple other geocaches before we went to a historical monument for a geocache there. We love history and geocaching takes us to so many interesting historical places.

History plaque.
The monument.

Nice views from the monument.

After that stop we made our way to downtown Wenatchee. They have a couple big free parking lots to use and parking the camper was easy and convenient. We would walk around a little bit and looked for a couple more geocaches. The place we wanted to go would not open for another half hour.

A view looking south from downtown.
There are several sculptures throughout town.
Hey, that is a nice camper parked over there.

The place we wanted to go was now open, Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery. We have been there before, a couple times. We were after the Wenatchee Pizza for lunch. It is an apple and bacon pizza. The first time I saw that I thought, “gross” but then I tried it. Now, it is the only thing I eat when we go there. Paired with a good beer and all is good.

The Wenatchee Pizza.

After our lunch we made the short walk to another brewery, Badger Mountain Brewery. We have never been there before. They had a lot of beers on tap to chose from. Since we have never had their beer, we did a taster flight. Out of 13 beers we liked all but 1. They had a few more but we did not try them as the styles are not our favorite and really…13 tasters was enough already.

The brewery building.

Inside view.
Enjoying the taster flight.

After that visit we made our way to the Public Market. This was our first time visiting that place. What a neat place. Lots of shops inside, people selling items, restaurants and so on. We ended up buying a few things.

The Public Market.
Inside view.
Another inside view.

After that visit, we walked over the foot bridge and dropped things off at our camper before continuing on to places to visit.

The footbridge.
There is our camper again.

We then made our way to a couple winery tasting places in downtown. Our first stop was at Watermill Winery on the Ave. We enjoyed a couple of the wines and bought a couple bottles of Malbec they made. We have not found a Malbec we have really enjoyed in a while, we enjoyed theirs.

Enjoying a little vino.

We then stopped at another winery in town to do a tasting. We really enjoyed many of the wines we tasted and ended up taking some home with us. That was at Horan Estates Winery. We enjoyed the atmosphere there and the person working there was wonderful and fun to visit with.

After that it was a little walking, then we made our way back to camp. Once we got parked at our spot, we walked around a little bit. Taking in the views and learning a little history from a sign there. There use to be a ferry crossing here at the campground area. Long gone now. Then we spent the night inside the camper. We had our dinner and played Mexican train dominoes. Joanne cheated I am sure of it. No way I lost that bad.

Interesting history.
Columbia River views.
More river views.
Playing dominoes.

We had a fun day and we got well rested overnight. The next day after breakfast we got packed up and made a slow no so direct drive home. We geocached a bunch, taking back roads. We love doing that.

A really good geocache stop at a firefighters memorial.
Geocache stop out on farm roads.

We then made a geocache stop at a cemetery in Odessa Washington. We have made a quick stop here before but a new geocache was placed here since our last visit. The cache was at an old tank at a military monument. On our walk back to the camper I made a stop to pick up some flowers that had blown over and place them back in their spot at a headstone. By doing that I also found a headstone for someone that was a Bronze Star medal recipient. We love finding those history places and things.

The old tank.

After that, we made a couple more geocache stops then it was time to get home. Another great weekend outing. It was also nice to be out of the snow and in a little bit warmer weather. Returning home we got back into snows and colder temperatures. I am about ready for an actual spring. We have had snow in our yard since about Halloween. It is time for a change.


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