Mothers day weekend 5/12-5/14 2023

This weekends outing was to my mothers home. We have not seen her or her husband for a long time. They travel and have stayed south for several months and with our traveling…time slips away. This trip we would have our dogs as well as our youngest son Cody with us. Cody would sleep in a tent and the dogs would take control of the camper. Our destination was in northern Idaho in the Sagle area. The weather was absolutely beautiful with above average temperatures.

Our spot for the weekend.
Sitting around a campfire that evening.

We had a great visit that night and slept well in the camper. In the morning while enjoying our coffee and looking out the windows we watched rabbits and birds go about their business. A relaxing morning.

Rabbit doing rabbit things.
Old boot bird nest.
Looking back towards the camper.

After breakfast we drove into Sandpoint Idaho to go to a farmers market. The farmers market is a pretty good one with several vendors and live music playing. We found a couple items to buy there.

A small part of the farmers market.

We left Sandpoint and made our way to Shepherd Lake. There were a few geocaches we went looking for. We walked the trail along the lakes edge looking for the caches and enjoying the views. We found several caches and really enjoyed the walk.

Joanne with a cache in hand.
Pretty views.
I had to walk on the log of course.

Eventually we went back to my mothers and spent the rest of the day there. We played games and talked. It was a very nice day. Mom made us all an amazing dinner that night.

Dinner time.

Another good nights sleep that night. The next morning Joanne made us all breakfast, lemon pancakes with a blueberry sauce over them. Yummy!

We eventually got packed up and said our goodbyes then made the drive back home. It was a wonderful visit for Mothers Day. Really good to see them both again.


2 thoughts on “Mothers day weekend 5/12-5/14 2023”

  1. Beautiful! We also traveled to Montana to visit my parents for Mothers Day and camped in the roof top tent. We spent a night in Wallace before moving on while testing out the Starlink for mobile work! (Which worked out great btw)


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