I am very involved in the truck camping rv way of life, “the tc life”. My wife and I have been truck camping since 2000. We started with a basic 8′ camper that we loved and used a lot. We wanted a truck camper with a bathroom so we ended up getting another one. It was used and we used it heavily. In summer of 2010 we bought a brand new truck camper. This blog is about our trips with that camper. There have been several other trips that we enjoyed but these are just a few of them posted here. We hope to have many trip reports with it to share with you.

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  1. I have a question for you. I have a dodge 3500 dually flatbed (12′) planning on doing the same thing. Would there be any potential weight/balance issues with mounting the camper toward the rear and making a small “garage” at the front of the camper? Would there be enough room at the front for a bicycle and small tool chest to fit easily? Thanks, Steve.

    • you just have to be sure that the center of balance on the camper is not behind the center of the rear axle. most newer campers have the location on the camper marked. putting it behind the rear axle puts too much weight on the rear axle and not enough on the front. however, i can see where if you have enough weight in the “garage” that could change the weight distribution on the truck. first thing would be to consider what camper weights you are looking at.
      my camper is a bit forward of the axle and it does put a lot of weight on the front axle. however, with everything else added…it balances out. main thing…check your axle weights with the camper loaded at a weigh scale. a balanced weight makes for a much better handling truck. safer too.

  2. Hi. Can you tell me about the name decal you have on the front of the camper? I’m want something similar but have no idea where to find it.

  3. We just discovered that our favorite campground will not allow truck campers. How common is this ban on truck campers?

    • Very very rare, at least out west. Truck campers are so common out west.As per your name I’m assuming in the Texas area? I know I have never come across that situation.

  4. I just found your blog as a link from TC Magazine. We live in Montana in the summer and would enjoy being on your list to learn about next year’s Montana rally.

    • I will not be hosting a Montana Rally next year (2017) but a rally will return at some point. I will have any rallies I host listed on my website. My wife and I are taking 2017 off from hosting a rally but will plan something the year after. For any questions please fell free to contact me.

  5. I noticed you have a gap between the front of your camper and the bed of your truck. What do you use to keep it sliding forward?

    I currently have an Arctic Fox 811 on a Dodge 3500 with the short bed (6’6″). I’ve been thinking of buy a long bed truck as the camper could actually slide in about 7’6″. I was also thinking of putting a fuel transfer tank in the space between the front of the camper and truck bed. What do you store in this space?

    • I have a box that I built that goes into that gap. It has a hinged lid so I can put several items in there. I have my little red propane campfire in there, folding table and a lot more.

    • I assume you are looking at the newer set up that is not on the flatbed. If so, it is a metal box from Protech. I have it bolted down to the rear comfort step that is on Adventurer and Eagle Cap campers.

  6. I need some advice! I am about to retire and am looking at both a truck and a camper. Considering a diesel dully but am concerned about a dully’s extra cost, off road capability and everyday drive ability.

    What are your experiences, thoughts and recommendations on this?

    Is it possible to email you?

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