Making it our own

It was time to make our camper, ours. Meaning time for us to decorate things. We also changed some of the outside locks. Another thing we did is add a camper loading system to our truck.

First, lets give you some stats on the new camper.

Dry weight is 4230 lbs, interior height is 7′, 11 foot floor length, exterior height on the truck is 12’3″, 2 qty 7 gallon propane tanks, 30 gallons of fresh water, 24 gallons for the black tank, 38 gallons for the grey tank. This is a non slide out four season camper. We have a 7 cubic foot fridge/freezer, convection/microwave, 2 burner stove, air conditioning, forced air furnace, instant tankless hot water system, remote controlled fantastic fan, remote controlled power jacks, 360 watts worth of Zamp solar system and so much more. We opted to not have a stove, we use our bbq for baking things.

view from cabover
dry bath setup

The camper came with the standard 721 RV key that everyone has. We wanted to switch those out to a barrel key. While there are some with the same key pattern, there still are fewer people with that key. We also wanted to get sealed caps over the locks to keep out the road grime. Especially the winter road grime.

Another thing with the camper is loading it on the truck. We have never had an issue with loading the camper onto the truck but this one is so tight as far as side to side. I have very close clearances for our Fastgun tiedowns on the rear. So we decided to install a Camper Cradle. This is a great product that is simple to install and is built of great quality. After installing the system, loading the camper was much easier with getting the camper centered and keeping it there. Very happy we decided to install the system.

Install kit, I had to supply the beer
Nice clean system

We are very happy with the add on items and changes. Now it is time to enjoy using the camper.