Seep Lakes 3/24 – 3/26 2023

Our outing this weekend took us to Seep Lakes, south of Moses Lake Washington. We have explored and camped at this area three years ago. We really enjoyed our stay there and it was time to return. Last time we camped on the shores of Heart Lake but this year we wanted to camp at Long Lake. It is dispersed camping so when you get there, you get a spot where you can, no reservations. We arrived and easily found a spot along the lake for our weekend stay. This time of year that is not too hard. While there were people out camping, there was plenty of spots to choose from. Our closest neighbor would be about 100 yards away for Friday night, they the left the next morning. That made it so the next neighbor was about 200 yards away but we could not see them as they were down a little hill from us. This was exactly what I as looking for at camp this weekend.

A very nice spot.
A look to the east.
A look to the west.

When we arrived, it was bit windy. Something that is not unusual in this part of the state. We decided to make our dinner inside the camper and then play some dominoes afterwards.

Joanne making dinner.
Watching the sunset from the dinette table.

Not too long after playing some dominoes we noticed the winds died down. We then moved outside and started a nice fire to sit by and relax the rest of the night. We listed to the coyotes yap about and song birds getting their last chirps in before nesting for the night.

Joanne sitting by the fire.
An enjoyable fire.

The next morning after breakfast and coffee we would set out on a hike. Our hike followed range cattle trails and mostly just picking a direction and head that way. There were a few geocaches we were after on todays hike. In the end we hiked about 5 miles. It was a wonderful hike and just what my soul needed. We saw a coyote, some kind of large hawk, lots of other birds and those range cattle. What was even better is encountered no rattlesnakes or ticks.

The cows were not pleased we were hiking near them.
There is a cache over by the lake.
Found the geocache.
Water levels are already low, not good.
Basalt cliffs.

We then continued our hike north to another cache. Using our phones for geocaching we knew the direction we needed to go by picking our trajectory line. Again, no trails so we just made our own way there. The next cache would be on top of a small butte. That was a fun one to find and the views on top were great.

Making our way north.
There is the little butte.
Joanne with the cache in hand.
A view from up top.
Carefully making our way off the little butte.
About to make our loop hike eastward.

We then hiked a bit east before heading southward towards another cache. Again, making our own way through the area. The peace and scenery was really amazing. Some do not like this kind of desolate landscape but if you really get out there and look, there are many things to see. We really enjoy it, but we do stay away during summer. Too hot and far too many ticks and rattlesnakes.

A view of Katey Lake.
A coyote was over there.
Neat basalt formations.
We were way above looking down on this little lake.

We got back to camp after the hike and Joanne would make us a lunch. Some needed fuel for our bodies after the hike.

Lunch time.

The rest of the day was spent at camp. We would eventually get another fire going. We listened to the wildlife around us. For a few minutes those range cattle came down to the lake in front of us to drink some water before being startled off. A very nice end to our day.

Party crowd.
Looking east from camp.
Enjoying our campfire.
A very pretty sunset.

The next morning we would pack up and start our way home. That was after picking up trash from the surrounding area. All we can do is leave it better than we found it and hope others might do the same. We also got kindling ready for a campfire for the next person who might camp there.

After that we would head towards Othello Washington , finding a couple caches along the way. We found more places that would be great to camp at as well.

Leaving it ready for the next person.
A stop at another lake to find a cache.

We have drove through a little portion of Othello before and did not think a whole lot about it. This time though we would be geocaching in town. Geocaching really makes you explore an area you may have never been to or simply overlooked. That is the main thing we love about the hobby/game. We soon realized there was a lot more to Othello and how nice the town really is. It is obvious that there is a lot of pride in this town. After finding several caches we would stop at a restaurant for lunch.

Near a geocache.
History found here as well.

After our lunch stop we would find a few more geocaches on our way home. Taking a few backroads that we like to do when we can. It was a good weekend and I really needed the spread out nearly by ourselves kind of break. For now it is back to work. Soon we will be back out enjoying the use of our camper.