Seal maintenance 4/17/23

My wife and I have tried to do the exterior seals on the camper and we simply suck at it. No RV dealer that has a shop would even bother to call us back about having them do it. I came across a mobile RV company that just started up here in the Spokane Washington area. They were pleasant on the phone and said they could come out and get it done.

My wife works from home so having them show up during a weekday was no issue at all. A big bonus is that we did not have to take the camper to them. Joanne said they were really nice and professional. I also like the idea of supporting a small business and keeping the money in our region.

They redid the seals that needed attention and cleaned up any mess that fell to the ground from old seal removal. I know you are going to ask so I will tell you…$377.00 was what we got charged. They charge per hour and materials and really worked with us on the cost. Pretty much right where I figured it would cost. Worth it to me with the lack of my seal application skills. As we all know, keeping the seals in tip top shape is one of the most important things you can do to your camper.

Seals look great.

I am very happy we chose to hire them for the job. They made things easy and smooth to deal with. If you are in the Spokane region and are in need of a mobile RV mechanic, I recommend them.