Memorial Day Weekend 5/26-5/29 2023

Memorial Day weekend, we had changed plans a few weeks ago and instead went to stay at friends property near Springdale Washington. A bonus is the fact that it is not a far drive from our home, 1/2 hour drive or so. Our plans were to pretty much to just simply hang out.

We arrived to their place and quickly got set up. Then we all went to Valley Washington to have dinner at the Drop Tine, a bar and grill kind of place. We have been here once before with friends and the food was really good. That nights dinner was no exception. Although it was very busy since it was prime rib night (I had that for dinner) it was still very enjoyable.

Our spot.
Parked in our usual spot here.
Dinner with friends.

After dinner we went back and sat around a fire and chatted the night away.

A Nice fire to sit by.

The next morning I sat outside the camper in my chair. Drinking my coffee and watching the sunrise and shine at the mornings dew on the plant life around me.

Mornings view with coffee.
Morning dew.

The day had no plans really. This whole weekend would be that way. We did make a run into Deer Park and back home to grab a few things but that was it.

I have or have had several Torklift products over the years. All have had exceptionaly high quality. They have all done exactly what they need to do without any issues. My Fastguns have worked flawlessly over the years but have started to show a good amount of wear. They were starting to have the powder coating chip off and so on. While they worked as intended, they started to have the worn out look. I could send them into Torklift to have them re-powder coated but that would mean that I could not use the camper for a few weeks. Also, if I had to do it again, I would not get the white ones and I would go with the black ones.

After enjoying my mornings coffee I found a couple boxes that the Torklift Fairy left me. A new set of black Fastguns! Hot damn! So for the next short while I got the Fastguns adjusted for our setup. Man, they look great!

High quality Torklift Fastguns
What comes in the box.
New Fastguns on the truck and camper.

So now what to do with our old Fastguns? I will be giving them away is what will happen. Readers of this site will get first chance. All I will ask for is that you pay for the shipping to you. If out live in the Eastern Washington area, we could meet up to hand them over. I really want them to go to someone that needs them. Please do not reach out to me to get them just to turn around and sell them. That is not what this donation is about. If no one needs them that reads this site, I will make a posting in our NATCOA Facebook Page about the donation.

After getting the Fastguns set, we enjoyed some mimosas. We will be providing mimosas and doughnuts on the first morning of a truck camper rally we are attending very soon. Well, we have to try out what we will bring to make sure it is good right? We actually did need to make sure we do like the alcohol part of it before we buy 15 or so bottles.


The rest of the day was spent being lazy. I watched the sun move across the sky. A nice easy kicked back day. We did spend another night around a campfire enjoyed by the company of friends.

The next morning I got our smoker set up. We would smoke a leg of lamb for dinner. We brought our Treager along using the front hitch rack to haul it. I recently did purchase a nice cargo bag. Something I have wanted to do for a while and finally got around to buying one.

Cargo bag.
Smoker set up.

I meant to take pictures of the lamb after being smoked and of our amazing dinner, but I failed. Trust me, it looked and tasted amazing!

Later that night while sitting around yet another campfire we watched a movie outside on a big screen. We had to wait until fairly late with the timing of sunset and being dark enough outside. The projector worked great and we enjoyed the nights movie.

Movie night.

The next morning we got things packed up and headed home. It was Memorial Day. A time to remember what the day is for and thank those that sacrificed thier lives for us. A somber day that is often not remembered exactly as what it is for. Sure, we use it as another day off to enjoy camping but the remembrance is always with us. Especially on that day. Thank you is all I can say to those that gave all.

I want to say a special thank you to Torklift for sending out the fairy for the special delivery!