winds of change 4/5 – 4/8 2018

We all know that when you plan a trip things can happen. Plans change. Well, this trip for us had changes but no problem at all. We still get out and enjoy our camper. We made plans to go camp at Potholes state park just south of Moses Lake Washington. We would spend Thursday night in the camper. Then on Friday morning a Boy Scout group would stop by and my son and I would do an overnight canoe trip with them. That meant that I would sleep in a tent…on the ground. Well, 2 hours before we left on Thursday we got a call that the trip was cancelled due to the forecast of high winds on Saturday. Our Boy Scout group would have been trapped by high winds. So due to safety concerns, it was scrapped. We still went to the state park though. There was not enough time to cancel our reservations and get our money back. So why not go? Winds of change.

We left right after I got off work on Thursday and made the drive to the park. Weather was not bad at all that day. We were cruising down the highway and….whoa…what the?! Damn, I am pretty sure that dove hit the camper. I looked in the mirror and could see something flying around behind me. It was just a bird so we kept going to our camp spot.  We arrived a little before the nights darkness set in. Once we pulled into our spot Joanne asked if “that” had always been like that. I looked up and saw that the dove had hit our fridge vent cover and destroyed it. Probably did some destroying of the bird as well. There was nothing I could do about it now and looking for a replacement cover would have to wait.

Our spot for this trip. No hookups at this site.

We had a pretty nice spot for our stay.

Looking around our site. Our camper is on the other loop side through the trees.

Waterfront views are restricted with bushes but we could see a little from camp.

We had a great nights sleep. It did rain in the evening but the sound of rain on the camper roof lulled us to sleep.

The next morning after a relaxing morning we drove into Moses Lake to find a fridge vent cover. Even though the town is of good size, there was not much of a choice for RV things. There was one store there and they did have one universal cover. So I crawled up to the roof and made the change of the cover in the parking lot. It had not rained this morning, not until I started to change the vent cover. Well, of course it would rain then.  Amazingly enough…it stopped raining after I finished with the cover. Great timing.

We did go look for a few geocaches and made a stop at a grocery store. I figured after replacing the cover in the rain I deserved a beer. So we made a stop to the 10 Pin Brewery in town. Wow, what a nice place. The beers were great as well as the food.

The bird did a good job on the cover.

Great beer and food.

We returned to camp and relaxed at camp the rest of the day.

Saturday came around and the morning was really nice. Until about 930 that morning. Then it absolutely poured rain for a couple hours. Even under our popup tents it was too much. So we went in the camper and played some dominoes. Joanne ended up winning…must have cheated. After we finished the game the rain had stopped and it turned pretty darn nice out. We went for a walk around the park.

Views near our spot.

Grey days but not bad.

What are “potholes”?

Part of the day use area.

A view of part of the lake.

A geocache that is in the state park.

Part of our walk around the park included a short easy hike up one of the creeks flowing into the lake. It was a nice short walk.

The trail view.

The water was really flowing fast today.

Very pretty out in the sagebrush country.

I really wished I had my kayak to play on the water.

Another nice spot on the walk.

The plants in the background were really neat. I do not know what they were.

We spent the rest of Saturday back at camp. We did some reading but mostly just watched and listened to all the birds in the area. This place is a bird haven. Hundreds of them around…less one dove. We  also watched a big squirrel eating the leaf buds off of the tree tops.  At least that is what we though he was eating.

Me reading some stories about Glacier National Park.

A big squirrel in the tree tops.

We had another restful night in the camper. Sunday morning after breakfast we packed up and made our way back home. Yes, of course we stopped and did a bit of geocaching too.

Views from one of the geocaches.

Out finding more caches.

This is an area not far from the state park. We want to come back and explore more.

The big strong winds never really did come. We were pretty protected from the winds at camp though. Still…no big winds came. It would have been a drag to have been in the canoe during that downpour no matter. It is understandable to have been cautious with what the forecast said. I would have loved to spend time with Cody in a canoe but I did not miss the sleeping on the ground part.

Sometimes things change on plans. Some winds of change can be a great thing.


winds of change 4/5 – 4/8 2018