I have had a few ask that follow this blog if I am done doing trip reports. That answer is no but the real word is “Broken”.

I have had weird transmission issues with my truck. Going into limp mode, meaning it wont go into 1st or 2nd. It has been at a transmission shop for 2 1/2 weeks and they gave up on why it was doing that.

Now, it has been at a dealer for 3 weeks. Still not corrected.

We were suppose to be doing Thanksgiving in Prosser Washington with our camper, that wont happen. We were told the dealer fixed it in a way we could use the truck for the holiday and bring it back for the real fix afterwards. We went to get it from the dealer and the truck was worse than when we dropped it off. Not able to use the truck.

Literally thousands spent and nothing is fixed. Broken. More meaning than just the truck it seems.

I hope at some point they get it figured out. At $100,000.00 for a new dually, diesel quad cab, the option of a new truck is out of the question. Besides, the rest of my truck is upgraded mechanically the way I like it (suspension and so on) and most importantly, it is paid for.

Hope to be doing a trip report soon.

Happy holidays to you and yours.