Ups and downs 9/17/21-9/19/21

Ups as in upgrades. I noticed my truck transmission was starting to slip a little when going into overdrive during hot temperatures. So it was time get the transmission rebuilt. No way would I only put it back to stock, no I would have it upgraded. Went with a triple disc, performance torque converter and other performance parts. Now the transmission is better than stock and it was time to get the camper back on the truck.

Downs, as in rain falling down. Yeah we knew it would be a rainy weekend but not a big deal. That is what rain gear is for and then of course everything would be warm and dry inside the camper. Actually the rain was very welcome as we have been in an exceptional draught, higher than extreme draught. I did not even know there was such a level of draught. So let it rain, that is okay.

So off we went to spend some time in the Colville National Forest northeast of Chewelah Washington. The main forest service roads are great with no issues traveling on them. We had a general area we wanted to camp and we did indeed find a spot in that area. Even had a running creek nearby too.

Our somewhat secluded spot not far off the road
Got things up just in time for the rain to start
A pretty good spot we thought
The little creek nearby camp

That night we relaxed, enjoyed some beer and took in the fresh rain smells in the forest.

The next day after breakfast we took a walk up the road to two geocaches. One to an old log home and another to a a perfect spot at a tree base. In the end we walked 2.5 miles round trip.

This was actually a large structure at one time
I found the geocache
Seems like a great spot to find a cache, there it is

After returning to camp from finding the two caches we had lunch and relaxed a little bit. We then did another hike to a cache in the opposite direction. This one was a bit farther and had more elevation to walk up. In the end of this trip we walked 4 miles round trip. So we ended up walking 6.5 miles looking for caches today. It was great to walk out in the forest going down the roads.

This cache was interesting in the fact it brought us to an old mine right along a remote road. I went into the mine about 25 feet or so and called it good enough. We then returned back to camp.

Nice roads to walk along or drive along
Some great views along the way as well
The mine

The rest of the night was listening to the rain and relaxing. Nice and peaceful here.

The following day after lunch time we packed up and made our way home. Back to another work week before our next adventures continue.


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