Snag Cove 7/1-7/4 2022

Our 4th of July weekend trip would be to Snag Cove Campground north of Kettle Falls Washington. It is another campground that is part of the National Park system. So that means 1/2 off the camping fees for us. Snag Cove has 9 sites, a dock and boat launch, trash collection and a pit bathroom. It is a small campground along the Columbia River. All but 1 site are on the waterfront. We would be in site 9, the last site. We had a big area away from others and gave it a pretty secluded feel. It also helped that the site next to us was empty all weekend. It was reserved when I checked before going but someone must have cancelled. Extra bonus of no one next to us too.

Site 9

A nice large site.

Nice view of the river.

The Columbia River in this section is part of the reservior, Lake Roosevelt. Grand Coulee Dam controls the water levels of this massive lake. Our last visit to Kettle Falls Campground had water levels very low. Now on this trip the water levels were almost to full level. In fact, we could see an increase in the level of about 1.5 inches a day during our stay. We had a couple acesses to the water although a bit steep it was short.

A view south from our spot.

A view north from our spot.

Joanne aong “our” shore.

A view south of the campground.

Mid point of the campground.

Boat trailer parking and launch area.

Information booth.

Floating dock.

Nice boat launch.

In the evening we would start up a campfire and laze about watching the river flow by. It was very quiet in the campground even with a few kids having fun. A bonus of a small campground and us being somewhat secluded at the end of it.

Evening skies.
Sunset at camp.
A warm fire to sit by.

That night it rained pretty good for a short while, but the next day was very warm and sunny. Our plans for this weekend was to hang out at camp. We brought the Treager to cook up a few things and plenty adult beverages to enjoy as well.

Joanne making breakfast.
My dish washing view.

There still was plenty of flowers in bloom to look at. Squirrels ran about, lots of butterflies and several different types of birds. I was once again much better at getting the “action” shots of flowers versus birds, squirrels and butterflies.

This one had a great smell too.
Clover flower.
I think this was a weed of some sort.
Fungus on the trees.
Attempt at a bird picture.
One of the many butterflies.

We played cornhole a few times throughout the day. I eventually got hot enough to get into the river. The water is still very cold…very cold. I did not last long in it, but it did feel very refreshing.

Playing cornhole.
Refreshing but cold.

I did get another action shot of a special beer we had from one of the breweries we go to all the time in Spokane Washington. Well, I guess the action was after this picture.

Special beer time.

The rest of the weekend was a replay of the same thing, a good thing. Joanne cooked brisket one day, ribs another and even bacon on the Treager. All of which turned out great!

Starting to cook.

Ready to eat!

Sunday the rains would come, and boy did they. We had a big strong thunderstorm come through for a couple hours. But like REO Speedwagon we “Rode the storm out”.

Storm coming through.
Warm and dry under the pop ups.
Geese braving the storms.

On the Monday we would pack up and head home earlier in the morning. Even though we left early we did not feel rushed. We needed to go to another campground to use the dump station before heading home. Being earlier we had no line to wait in to dump the tanks, another bonus.

It was another great weekend outing enjoyed along the Columbia River. Just the week before we were where the Columbia meets the ocean. We spend a lot of time along the river as there are many great places like this to camp at.


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