Finally 8/5 – 8/7 2022

Finally, it was time to get the camper back out again. The last 3 weekends we had other things in life going on so we were not able to get the camper out. For this trip we returned to the Colville National Forest northeast of Chewelah Washington. Our dispersed spot on this trip was a little over 7 miles into the National Forest land. We found a nice little meadow next to Harthill Creek. There was another group in another clearing about 400 feet away and there were plenty of trees in between to add to privacy. While you could hear them at times it was pretty remote and peaceful.

Our spot
A closer look.

A view from the creek towards the camper.

As you see in the picture there was a little wood barrier by the creek. That is to try to keep motorized vehicles out of the creek.

After setting up, we got our dinner made then watched the daylight fade to night. We actually turned in earlier than we thought we would as the night came with very cool wet air that had us looking for more warmth. While we were not sure if the campfire ban was on or not in this forest, we did not want to do a fire. It was after all, in the high danger range and simply skipping a campfire was okay with us.

Joanne making dinner for us.

Enjoying a beverage.

The end of the day.

The next morning was beautiful with clear blue skies and warm temperatures. We lounged around and eventually had breakfast. We eventually went for a short mile or so walk. We crossed the creek behind the camper and walked through another meadow up to what was a cow trail to an old forest road. That road was closed to motorized vehicles but still had a nice path to follow. It eventually wound up at a more main road and then looped us back to our camp spot.

Crossing the creek.

The meadow behind us and the creek.

The trail we followed.

Once back at the camper we turned on some music and relaxed the rest of the day. There were a bunch of butterflies flying about, lots of varieties of them too. Birds flying around including Hummingbirds. The sun chased us for shade and for a while we sat down by the creek. Sitting there with our feet in the water was great. We watched the fish swim around in the creek. Most were about 2 inches long, just little guys.

Lots of butterflies about.

Several flowers in bloom still.

Sitting next to the creek.

One of the several fish in the creek.

Another butterfly.

More flowers.

That night it was warmer and we stayed up longer. Although staying up to the very dark period of night was too hard for us as we were tired. We are early risers. We did manage to stay awake long enough to see some stars and a few bats flying about, that was cool. A great end to a pretty day.

The next morning after a quick breakfast we packed up and went home. There were things we needed to do before stores closed for the day. In fact, we will have to go again with 3 weekends in a row of not getting the camper out again. Booo! Although next week I will be on a hike with our son Cody and a few other Scouts doing a 50 mile hike, 3 nights 4 days worth. Our next trip will be over Labor Day weekend and boy do we have a fun outing in store for that. Until then, we will think about camping with the camper.


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